Our Tea parties


Mrs B's Vintage Teas can make anything a special occasion!


Baby Showers -  Just let Mrs B provide the prettiest pink, blue or lemon table decorations and bunting, with beautiful vintage china and home-made cakes


Hen/Bride to Be  Parties -   We can provide vintage backdrop and props for you - call Mrs B to plan and shhh,  don't tell the bride


Birthdays and Anniversaries -   We can provide a beautiful and memorable tea party for you. We can also supply special celebration cakes and candles


Vintage Chai Party -  Perfect for pre-Indian wedding gatherings and Civil Ceremonies.  Let us do the catering for the afternoon.     We will look after your family and friends with traditional Chai tea and Indian sweets and treats, all served on our beautiful china. We can also arrange Mendhi for you or provide traditional English afternoon tea packages. 

East meets West in the comfort of your home.


Diwali High TeaBook  one of our Twinkle Parties.  As our menus are bespoke, they can be whatever you would like them to be with lots of homebaked delights,  twinkle and tradition.


Teenie Parties  -  Remember how we used to have birthday parties ? This one is for the little boys and girls, the way they used to be. Jelly, Ice cream, party hats, goodie bags  and lots of fun and games.


Tweenie Parties - Too old for Elsa? Mrs B will turn up and make a beautiful party for that special girl's birthday. With pretty china and accessories, home-made lemonade, honeycomb and other old fashioned sweeties, Mrs B will take the stress and strain out of the party planning, including the goodie bags.


Both our Teenie &  Tweeny parties offer traditional children's fun. Old fashioned party games,  a cookery lesson and beautiful vintage cups and saucers at the table. Cakes, fruit pots, veg pots, sandwiches and  Mrs B's extra special home made lemonade or  hot chocolate poured from a vintage teapot for the birthday person.

Mrs B, and  each of our 'Aunties' are fully CRB checked


Chari-Tea -  A wonderful way to raise money for your favourite charity.  Call us for more details.


Our parties are seasonal. We will theme the accessories according to the time of year, with soft pastels throughout spring and summer, vibrant colours for autumn and beautiful twinkle parties for Diwali and Christmas.


We can simply hire you the china, and you do the rest, or we can provide everything, including waitresses and background music. And we'll even take the washing-up home with us!


Anything is possible  - call us to arrange